Doug Tennant 

CEO Semiahmoo House Society, Past President BCCEO's Network

"Cantatus has supported UNITI to have a straightforward cybersecurity program that includes learning aids for staff members such as videos to make content clear. We are able to monitor and support our staff as they learn how to protect themselves and UNITI online...We are much better protected and prepared for any cyber attacks because of the training that Cantatus has facilitated."

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We Go Into The Dark Web, So You Stay Out of It

You to collect sensitive data such as SIN, credit card information, and even medical information. Without proper measures in place, one single breach could end your entire organization and its mission

Monitor your Employee's Cyber Behaviour

95% of all successful cyber-attacks are caused by human error. Learn how you can educate your employee's on cyber threats to reduce your risk of being attacked

The True Cost of a Data Breach

A recent study estimates the financial cost of a data breach to be an average of $221 per lost record, and $7 million average total cost

Let us focus on your cybersecurity, so you can focus on your mission

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